Geoff Thomas
June 8, 2023

Astute Electronics: Addressing Challenges in our Defence Industry

Astute Electronics: Advocating Collaboration in the Defence Industry

Within the intricate landscape of defence innovation, collaboration can often be an integral factor. Astute, a global electronics component supplier based in the UK, supports this notion, facilitating cooperative ventures in the defence sector.

From their Melbourne office, established seven years ago, Astute has been assisting Australian defence projects, emphasizing design, fulfillment, and support. Over the years, they've engaged with defence entities like BAE, Raytheon, and Rheinmetall in Australia, and several SMEs specializing in electronics.

Addressing the Engineer Shortage

A concern for the Australian Defence industry is the shortage of skilled engineers and technicians. With projects evolving in technological depth, there's a rising need for skilled professionals. This gap can present challenges for the ongoing development of the defence sector in Australia.

Astute, aware of this issue, has introduced initiatives to provide training and skill enhancement. They aim to offer more than just components, presenting access to a team of senior engineers with a wealth of knowledge. Their recent involvement in a power distribution project for the Australian Defence demonstrates their approach.

Building Industry Connections

Astute's approach to business includes fostering a cooperative environment within the Australian Defence Industry. They've created an ecosystem of capability providers, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Through platforms like LinkedIn groups and newsletters, Astute provides a medium for professionals to connect and discuss the latest trends.

With Citadel Secure's support, Astute has formed connections with various partners, including Elexon Electronics, Novafast, LASS cable assemblies, Tynbell Sheetmetal, and others, to promote a more integrated approach to defense solutions.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Mark Shanley, Astute's Sales and Marketing Director, mentions that Astute aims to be a “collaborative partner” in the defence industry. They pride themselves on offering solutions and have engaged with established names like BAE Systems, Babcock, Raytheon, and Rheinmetall.

Astute's in-house research team in Australia is focused on addressing challenges faced by the defence industry. Their global presence also ensures that they can address issues such as component lead times. They also emphasize the importance of authentic components in the industry.

A Role in Defence

Astute's knowledge of defence standards makes them a potential partner for entities looking to venture into the defence sector. In collaboration with Citadel Secure and their network, Astute aims to provide comprehensive solutions for defence projects, drawing from diverse domains of expertise.