What is Axant?

Axant is a boutique corporate advisory company, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. Axant is a French word meaning "aligning" or "focussing". It has the same base word as 'axis'. Our 'X' is focussed to the centre, demonstrating our alignment with you and our focus on your issues.

Why hire Axant?

We have substantial experience in the areas of our work, with a track record of success. Axant provides advice and works within your business to implement that advice and to achieve success. We believe that maintaining contact with you, and being around to see the job through, is fundamental.
We support management and boards in making and implementing business decisions. We also provide research and analysis of business options.
We provide interim CEO, project management, and liaise and negotiate key contracts.
We prepare major grant applications and major tenders especially those to government agencies and large corporations.

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